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Incorporating Wood Frame Mirror and Metal Mirror into Your Décor

Looking for a way to add some extra sparkle to your home décor? Incorporating wood frame mirrors into your furniture is the perfect way to elevate any space. A metal mirror can reflect light in dark places, make a room look bigger, and even add an air of luxury. Let’s take a look at six luxurious ways you can incorporate wood frame mirrors into your furniture.

Behind a couch

Hang a large mirror on the wall behind a couch or loveseat. Mirrors have the ability to make rooms look larger than they actually are, so adding one to an already large wall will create the illusion that the room is even bigger. Plus, it adds an elegant touch when hung behind a couch or loveseat.

Above your fireplace mantel

Lean one against the wall above your fireplace mantel. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of artwork or pictures that you would like to hang on your mantel. A wood frame mirror will bring character and warmth to any fireplace mantel without taking up too much space.

Above your bed

Place two side-by-side above your bed as headboard replacements. If you want something different from traditional headboards, try two wood frame mirrors hung side-by-side above your bed instead! Not only does this add visual interest but also helps brighten up any bedroom with its reflective qualities.

Hang two vertically in a hallway

Hang two vertically in a hallway or entryway for extra lighting and dimensionality in tight spaces such as hallways or entryways where there isn’t enough natural light coming through windows or doors—placing two mirrors vertically will help create more light while adding dimensionality with its reflection of whatever is opposite it (elements like plants, pictures frames etc.).

Place one at eye level

Place one at eye level near the entrance of rooms to create more depth & dimensionality in smaller spaces like bathrooms & closets–hanging one at eye level near entrances will help create more depth & dimensionality by reflecting what’s opposite it—which could be anything from paintings on walls to plants sitting on shelves!

Luxurious ways to style a Metal mirror

Mirrors are an essential part of any home décor, adding depth, texture and light to a room. When it comes to metal mirror, the possibilities for using it in your décor are endless. From wall mirrors to decorative furniture pieces, there are many ways to incorporate metal mirror into your home décor. Here are six luxurious ways to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

Wall Mirrors

A great way to add a touch of glamour and sophistication is by adding some beautiful metal mirror wall art pieces. You can use them as accent pieces or as a focal point in your living room or bedroom. Not only do they look great, but they also help reflect light throughout the room and make it appear larger than it is.

Coffee Tables

Another great option for incorporating metal mirror into your home décor is by using mirrored coffee tables. They provide an elegant look and will instantly draw the eye towards them when someone enters the room. Plus, they’re perfect for reflecting light from other sources around the room, like lamps or windows.

Side Tables

Side tables are another fantastic choice for bringing a touch of luxury into your home décor with metal mirror accents. These can be used as end tables next to couches or chairs, or even as nightstands in bedrooms for added storage space without sacrificing style and elegance.

Console Tables

 Console tables offer another great option for incorporating metal mirror into your home décor in a subtle yet stylish way. These can be used behind sofas to create an attractive display that’s sure to draw attention from guests when they enter the room. Plus, they can easily double as extra storage space with shelves and drawers beneath them if you need more space for organization in any particular area of your house.

Mirrored Cabinets

If you want something truly luxurious that will bring a unique style statement into any part of your home, then consider adding mirrored cabinets made out of metal mirror accents into your decorating scheme! These cabinets can be used in any room from bathrooms and kitchens all the way up through living rooms and bedrooms; providing both beauty and practicality wherever you choose to place them!


The last suggestion on our list is chandeliers made out of metal mirrors! This type of lighting fixture offers an elegant way to light up any part of your house while also providing some stunning visual aesthetics; perfect for those looking for something truly eye-catching yet still functional!

Utilize them as room dividers

this works best when hanging three adjacent rectangular ones together—it gives each space its own identity while still allowing for an open flow between them all! Plus, it adds modern elegance with its reflective quality & warm colors from the wood frame mirror!


Incorporating a wood frame mirror into your furniture is an easy way to elevate any space in your home without breaking the bank! From hanging them on walls behind couches or fireplaces, leaning them against walls above beds and mantels, hanging two vertically in hallways/entryways for added light & dimensionality, using them as room dividers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating a wood frame mirror into furniture!

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